How Microsoft killed 'Do Not Track'

published 2022-12-12 #privacy #browser #tracking

While the 'Do Not Track' feature was originally released with the best of intentions, you should now make sure you have it disabled. With IE10, Microsoft killed the feature. At this point, having it enabled does more harm than good.

YouTube Handles | The security feature we ALL needed

published 2022-10-17 #youtube #security

YouTube has finally released a feature to help uniquely identify users across the platform. The new YouTube handle feature will help uniquely identify users across the platform, and hopefully make it more difficult for individual to impersonate legitimate users and cut down on scams.

Apple is still tracking you.

published 2022-06-05 #apple #tracking #privacy

Apple has decided to let companies follow a much looser interpretation of its controversial privacy policy. Apples message has been, and continues to be that 'if you choose Apple, you choose privacy'.