Best eReader for Privacy | kobo | Kindle

published 2022-08-28 · updated 2022-08-28 #privacy #ereader
There are a lot of eReaders out there, but which ones can help you maintain your privacy? In this video I discuss what I personally use, and why I use the kobo clara HD.

Mobile privacy guide

How to bypass kobo account

  1. On Kobo screen, tap Don't have a Wi Fi network?
  2. Attach kobo to computer with a USB cable.
  3. Open terminal and change to the Kobo directory: cd /Volumes/KOBOeReader/.kobo/
  4. Open KoboReader.sqlite using sqlite3 sqlite3 KoboReader.sqlite If you don't have sqlite3 installed you can download it from -
  5. Enter the following command and press enter - INSERT INTO user(UserID,UserKey) VALUES('1','');.
  6. Enter the following command and press enter to exit the database - .exit.
  7. Eject the Kobo from your computer and you should see the main device screen.


On the boot screen, depending on where you purchased your device from you may see a random company logo (such as Walmart). The following will let you remove that branded logo.

  1. Connect your kobo to your computer with a USB cable.
  2. Double click the Kobo device to open the device folder.
  3. Make sure "hidden files/folders" are configured to show on your computer, select the .kobo folder.
  4. Inside the .kobo folder, open the file named affiliate.conf.
  5. Change affiliate=walmart (or whatever company it says) to affiliate=kobo. Save and exit the file.
  6. You should no longer see the affiliate logo when booting up your device.