3 Best Open Source Android Apps

published 2022-03-27 · updated 2022-08-21 #android #foss #apps
Android has a ton of Open Source Apps available. Some are good, some are not so good. This video cover 3 of my favorite Open Source Android Apps I use on a daily basis.

How to add Bromite F-Droid Repository

  1. Open F-Droid
  2. Select Settings on the bottom
  3. Under the My Apps section, select Repositories
  4. Click the + in the upper right corner
  5. Go to the following URL in your browser and copy the Address listed on the page - https://www.bromite.org/fdroid
  6. Go back to F-Droid and add the Address you copied in the Repository address box
  7. Optional (but suggested) - go back to the webpage in step 5 and copy the Fingerprint of the signing key
  8. Go back to F-Droid and paste the Fingerprint of the signing key in the Fingerprint box
  9. Go back to the main page on F-Droid, pull down to manually refresh the repositories
  10. Once the refresh has finished, search for Bromite and install the app